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Scholarship Donation

The Scholarships that the foundation administers provide Ram students with aid to continue education. When you give to one of our scholarships you are investing in our students. Please place the scholarship you wish to support in the memo section of your donation form. 

Foundation Scholarship
Betty Jayne Brown Scholarship
Bonnie Bell Scholarship
Lincoln and Jane Welles Scholarship
Coach Jim Huffman Memorial Scholarship
Ray Rafffin Football Scholarship
Diana Black Music Scholarship
Orice Dodge Scholarship

Special Application Instructions for the 2022 school year.

The application deadline is April 1st of 2022


1. Download the applications from this page or email: [email protected] to request one.
2. Follow the instructions and fill out your portion of the application and submit any required essays.
3. Turn the application into the guidance office no later than the due date. 
4. Late submissions will not be accepted any questions or concerns should be addressed to the foundation at [email protected] or 570-709-7091

Scholarship Administration Page

This scholarship is intended for a current graduating senior of Wyalusing Valley High School, who has been accepted to an accredited two or four-year college or university. Candidates must be in good standing with the school in terms of discipline, attendance, and grades. Specifically, to qualify as a candidate for this scholarship, a student must: Possess a minimum grade point average of 85.00 by the end of the first semester of their senior year.
Candidates must also participate in a minimum of two school or community-related activities (clubs, sports, music, 4-H) or show evidence of working a part-time job. Candidates must have good attendance. Students with 10 or fewer absences in grades 11 and 12 will qualify for the scholarship unless there were extenuating circumstances.
REQUIREMENTS: Candidates for the Wyalusing Area Education Foundation Scholarship will be required to:
1) Complete the scholarship application
2) Present a copy of a letter of acceptance to an accredited college or university that indicates acceptance into a post-secondary institution.
3) Complete two brief essays that are described in the application. Completed applications are to be turned into the Guidance Office for verification by the posted due date.
The application deadline: April 1st of each year.

Application Link

Please download this file, fill in all personal information and return to the High School Guidance Department for Processing


Historical Record

Please click the link below to access the historical list of Scholarship winners.

Previous Winners

The Betty Jane Brown Memorial Scholarship

Betty Jane Brown was born in Browntown in 1916. She grew up in Browntown where her mother, Lillian, worked at the bank in Wyalusing, Betty, along with siblings Lewis, Doris, and Louise, had a happy childhood and all graduated from Wyalusing High School, Betty graduated in 1933. She was a gifted artist and also played on the basketball team. She married Anthony Solowiej in 1936 and relocated to the Binghamton, NY area. They had four children, David, Suzy, Toni, and John. She remarried in 1966 to Joseph Zedar and they had a happy life together until she was widowed in 1994. She maintained an active social life - tap dancing until age 87- and family life with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren until she passed away at the age of 90 in 2007. She was adored by all who knew her and often shared how the happiest times of her younger life were growing up in Wyalusing. This Memorial provides for a $5000 scholarship each year to a graduating senior.


Betty J. Brown Awardees

Previous Winners

Bonnie Bell Scholarship

Bonnie Bell Hilfiger, was born in Sherburne, NY on August 23, 1951 the daughter of Dr. Robert Stevens Bell and Grace MacBride Larrabee Bell. Her family moved from Sherburne to Camptown in 1963. She attended Wyalusing Valley High School and graduated with the Class of 1969. She received a B.S. in Art Education from Mansfield University. Bonnie taught art and substituted for several years in the Wyalusing School District before becoming a self-employed artist. While living in New Albany and raising her children, she enjoyed teaching exercise classes and leading the local girl scout troop. Bonnie has always been very involved with church and community and was part of the United Methodist Women. She had a strong faith in God that was exemplified in all aspects of her life. Bonnie was a well-known artist in the region and shared her love of art with many children and adults through art lessons and camps. Bonnie’s art spanned many different types and mediums. She especially loved face paintings, ornaments, portraits and murals. Many people will recognize the murals done on the Towanda Iron & Metal Inc. Wall along South Main Street, Towanda PA that she first created in the late 1980’s. She was a member of many art organizations in the area. Besides art, her favorite hobbies were reading, gardening and baking. Bonnie loved her friends, family, children and grandchildren in such an endless, giving way. She made the world more beautiful, not only with the things she created but with the kind, pure person she was.

The scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $300 to a qualifying senior at the end of their senior year and disbursed. The award is to be used for the purpose of purchasing art supplies, books, software/hardware or other academic materials.


The Lincoln and Jane Welles Memorial Music Scholarship

The Lincoln and Jane Welles Memorial Music Award The Lincoln and Jane Welles Memorial Music Award was established to recognize a WVHS senior student who has excelled in the music department during their high school years.

It will be given at the annual Awards Night in the amount of $500.

Mr. and Mrs. Welles were very active in music throughout their lifetimes. Mr. Welles was a tenor vocalist and Mrs. Welles was a pianist. They performed together in their Church and community, as well as with the Choraliers, a local singing group. Mr. and Mrs Welles were also active in community musical productions in the Ft. Myers, FL area.

The criteria: Must be a senior at WVHS Must have been active in at least 2 different sectors of the WVHS Music Department for 2 years. Must exhibit the love of music in their performances. 

No application is required. Recommendations are made by the WVHS Music Department and given to the members of Mr. and Mrs. Welles' family, who makes the final selection.


Criteria: 1. Must have played varsity volleyball or football for at least two years consecutively (preferably a Junior or Senior)
2. Must demonstrate sportsmanship. 
3. Must demonstrate enthusiasm for their sport and their team. 
4. Must exemplify the meaning of a student-athlete. on the field or court and in the classroom. 
5. Must work hard and never give up. 
6. Must demonstrate school spirit- Once a Ram always a Ram!

Selection Process:
1. 3 student-athletes will be chosen by the head coach of football and volleyball based on the criteria with a brief statement of why the student-athlete should be selected.
2. The Huffman Family will select from that list
3. The winner will receive a scholarship/s of up to $400

Previous Winners


The Ray Raffin Football Scholarship was established by his family with the purpose of honoring Ray’s memory by supporting a graduating WVHS football player with plans to attend a two, or four-year post-secondary institution
1. Graduating Senior · Proof of Acceptance/enrollment in a two or four-year post-secondary institution
2. Average Academic performer in high school  3. Member of the Rams football team
4. Viewed by the team and coaches as a “team player”
5. Contributes to the school and/or community in a positive manner 

Selection of this award will be made by the family in consultation with school officials at the discretion of the family.
The scholarship will be in the amount of up to $1000.00 to be distributed to the winner or winners.
The scholarship will be awarded at the end of the awardees first-year of post-secondary education on the condition that they are in good academic standing at that point with a GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Previous Winners

Orice Dodge Scholarship

Orice Dodge Scholarship History
The Orice Dodge Scholarship was created after Orice's brother Conant "Connie" Dodge passed away in 2002. Connie was deeply committed to education and helped many realize their educational dreams. As one of his last contributions, he established this scholarship fund to honor Orice, who had a 40-year career teaching in the Wyalusing elementary school. Orice began her teaching career in 1927.

Orice Dodge Scholarship Criteria for Consideration Vocational Goals:

The student intends to pursue a career in elementary school teaching. The student has demonstrated this desire and aptitude through volunteer or paid experiences with children.
Community Participation: The student has demonstrated the ability to collaborate and work effectively with others through participation in school and community organizations, and demonstrating good judgment in both word and action.
Academic Success: The student has demonstrated academic aptitude by virtue of scholastic record and substantial academic contributions beyond normal classroom expectations.
Service: The student has demonstrated a willingness to share freely both his/her time and talent with the members of school and the community.
Special Talent: The student possesses a special talent or attribute that distinguishes the individual from his/her peers. Need: Preference will be given to students who are able to demonstrate a need for the resources offered by the scholarship.