21st Century Learning Library

The school library is getting a facelift.

The education frontier is ever changing. The Education Foundation is committed to helping provide the best state of the art teaching experience to both our teachers and students.  As part of our commitment to student and teacher excellence we have undertaken the task of creating a 21st Century learning environment in what is now the library.

Why the library?

The 21st Century Learning Library is a Wyalusing Area Education Foundation investment in cultivating energized education, innovation and collaboration. The library will support educational advancement by creating learning spaces in which students can explore and develop to their full potential. It enables any teacher to bring together groups of students to fully understand how everything taught has a relationship with other subjects. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and faculty to raise the educational experience at Wyalusing. 

What does that mean?

With the One to One Technology Chromebook program, the library has not been used as much as it has in the past. There will still be a fiction section of the library, but a major portion of reference material is now readily accessible through the web. This is resulting in unused space that could be better used to provide instructional training.

What does that look like?

the 21st Century Learning Library takes the shape of a flexible set of rooms that will allow for small and large group instruction with an emphasis on technology and interaction. It allows the educational process to lay groundwork for the collaborative working process that students will see when they get to college and into the future work force. 

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Here is our Vision

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Our Business Donors

These are the organizations that have placed great trust in our project and believe in our vision.

Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company

TW has donated $80,000 and was the first company interested in our idea. They understand the importance of education. TW is the first Promoter. Tuscarora Wayne Website

PS Bank

 PS bank has made a $50,000 donation to our project. $10, 000  is dedicated to technology and another $40,000 dedicated to our building fund.  PS Bank is our first Advocate. PS Bank Website

The Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation

Consistent and regular community supporters, The Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation have graciously donated $100,000 to support our vision for the library. They are our first Champion Donor!

Global Tungsten & Powders

GTP is a community partner involved in many school activities. GTP has pledged $500 to our project. GTP Website

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